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About Recruitment in Letchworth Garden City

Situated in the county of Hertfordshire, approximately 40 miles north of London. In 1903 Letchworth became the world’s first Garden City, founded by Ebenezer Howard from the ideas set out in his 1898 book ‘To-Morrow: A Peaceful Path To Real Reform’.

Known for it’s neatly lined streets, cottage housing and open green spaces, Letchworth offered an attractive alternative to urban life in the early 20th century. Today it can be reached from London by train in as little as 27 minutes, promising a healthy work-life balance for city workers.

Home to the UK’s very first traffic roundabout, the town’s landscape and community is protected by The Garden City Heritage Foundation. An organisation managing a local property portfolio generating income which is invested back into the town. Making a positive contribution to the the social fabric of Letchworth.

The famous Spirella Building, a former corset factory, sits proudly restored near the town centre. Now home to over 20 businesses, including well known Willmott Dixon.

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Other Things To-Do in Letchworth:

  • Monthly Farmers Market
  • Broadway Cinema
  • Standalone Farm
  • Garden City Greenway

Letchworth’s Population & Economic Activity

Of the 44,000 people living in Letchworth 31,000 are aged between 16 and 74 and are economically active. With 73% in employment and having jobs, 14% retired and 4% students

Usual Resident Population
Letchworth Garden City
Built-up area
Count %
All usual residents 43,529 100.0
Males 21,197 48.7
Females 22,332 51.3

Employment in Letchworth

With notable employers such as Wilmott Dixon, Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, Altro, Autoglym & Kwik Fit, 20% of the employed residents of Letchworth work in professional occupations or jobs. 14% in associate professional and technical operations and 11% as managers, directors and senior staff.

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Recruitment in Letchworth Heritage Foundation


Letchworth Garden City
Built-up area
Count %
All usual residents aged 16 to 74 in employment the week before the census 20,912 100.0
1. Managers, directors and senior officials 2,346 11.2
2. Professional occupations 4,099 19.6
3. Associate professional and technical occupations 2,907 13.9
4. Administrative and secretarial occupations 2,342 11.2
5. Skilled trades occupations 2,113 10.1
6. Caring, leisure and other service occupations 1,894 9.1
7. Sales and customer service occupations 1,675 8.0
8. Process plant and machine operatives 1,436 6.9
9. Elementary occupations 2,100 10.0



Top employment industries of the town including

  • Wholesale and retail trade – accounting for 18% of the total employed
  • Education 11%
  • Human health and social work 11%
  • Professional, scientific and technical activities 11%
  • Manufacturing 11%


Letchworth Garden City
Built-up area
Count %
All usual residents aged 16 to 74 in employment the week before the census 20,912 100.0
A. Agriculture,forestry and fishing 32 0.2
B. Mining and quarrying 6 0.0
C. Manufacturing 2,265 10.8
D. Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 55 0.3
E. Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities 144 0.7
F. Construction 1,606 7.7
G. Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles 3,736 17.9
H. Transport and storage 815 3.9
I. Accomodation and food service activities 754 3.6
J. Information and communication 1,077 5.2
K. Financial and insurance services 810 3.9
L. Real estate activities 367 1.8
M. Professional, scientific and technical activities 1,521 7.3
N. Administrative and support service activities 969 4.6
O. Public administration and defence; compulsory social security 1,160 5.5
P. Education 2,199 10.5
Q. Human health and social work activities 2,298 11.0
R,S,T,U. Other 1,098 5.3



Recruitment in Letchworth

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