Ellis Mason Recruitment Specialists


Ellis Mason the office recruitment specialists.

Whether you’re a candidate looking for your next career move, or an employer seeking to recruit the best talent in the area – we’re here to help.

We recruit the best opportunities across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire across a range of specialisms.

Our specialisms


Administration recruitment

Great administrators keep everything (and everyone!) running like clockwork. Often the first person a customer or visitor interacts with, they also provide that important ‘first impression’ of a business.

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Block management recruitment

Balancing the needs of landlords and leaseholders –  demands stellar leadership and people skills, plus a pro-active and practical approach.

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Customer Service recruitment

From creating a great first impression to trouble-shooting complaints – good customer service has the power to take a business from zero to hero.

More about Customer Service recruitment

Executive recruitment

Appointing talented senior managers, who are the right ‘fit’ is critical to the success of any organisation. A rigorous, intelligent recruitment process is vital – for both employers and executive candidates alike.

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IT recruitment

In our fast-moving world, everyone relies on IT. If things go wrong, productivity plummets and stress levels rise. Businesses need robust IT systems and talented IT professionals.

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Marketing & Design recruitment

Marketing and design professionals have the ability to turn creative ideas into meaningful action. They have the power to drive sales, connect with customers and to build brands that stand out from the crowd.

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Sales recruitment

Great sales people don’t just focus on the ££s. They make meaningful connections with customers and build long-term relationships.

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