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Situated in the county of Hertfordshire, approximately 35 miles north of London, Stevenage is known for being the first ever ‘new town’ – a series of towns built near London after the World War II.

Known to many as the UK’s ‘Space City’, nearly a quarter of the satellites orbiting the Earth were build in Stevenage, at the Airbus Defence and Space site. In 2016 Tim Peake controlled the ExoMars Rover from the town. Also home to other international organisations, such as Glaxo Smith Kline and MBDA, Stevenage offers a unique balance of urban and rural living.

Stevenage is the home town to many successful sport stars; from footballers Jack Wilshere and Ashley Young, to golfer Ian Poulter and racing driver Lewis Hamilton.

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Other Things To-Do in Stevenage:

  • Stevenage Old Town
  • Stevenage Museum
  • Knebworth House

Stevenage’s Population & Economic Activity

Of the 84,000 people living in Stevenage 46,000 are aged between 16 and 74 and are economically active. With 67% in employment and having jobs, 11% retired and 4% students.

Usual Resident Population
Local Authority
Count %
All usual residents 83,957 100.0
Males 41,483 49.4
Females 42,474 50.6

Employment in Stevenage

With notable employers such as GlaxoSmithKline, MBDA, Airbus, The IET, The Wine Society, Herts County Council, Herts 4 Learning and Flamingo Produce, 16% of the employed residents of Letchworth work in professional occupations or jobs. 12% in associate professional and technical operations and 12% in skilled trades occupations.

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Local Authority
Count %
All usual residents aged 16 to 74 in employment the week before the census 42,738 100.0
1. Managers, directors and senior officials 3,903 9.1
2. Professional occupations 6,827 16.0
3. Associate professional and technical occupations 5,302 12.4
4. Administrative and secretarial occupations 5,049 11.8
5. Skilled trades occupations 5,187 12.1
6. Caring, leisure and other service occupations 4,184 9.8
7. Sales and customer service occupations 4,254 10.0
8. Process plant and machine operatives 3,179 7.4
9. Elementary occupations 4,853 11.4



Top employment industries of the town including

  • Wholesale and retail trade – accounting for 19% of the total employed
  • Education 8%
  • Human health and social work 12%
  • Construction 9%
  • Manufacturing 9%


Local Authority
Count %
All usual residents aged 16 to 74 in employment the week before the census 42,738 100.0
A. Agriculture,forestry and fishing 45 0.1
B. Mining and quarrying 12 0.0
C. Manufacturing 3,997 9.4
D. Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply 157 0.4
E. Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities 243 0.6
F. Construction 4,031 9.4
G. Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motor cycles 8,054 18.8
H. Transport and storage 2,250 5.3
I. Accomodation and food service activities 2,112 4.9
J. Information and communication 2,122 5.0
K. Financial and insurance services 1,497 3.5
L. Real estate activities 527 1.2
M. Professional, scientific and technical activities 2,439 5.7
N. Administrative and support service activities 2,163 5.1
O. Public administration and defence; compulsory social security 2,348 5.5
P. Education 3,322 7.8
Q. Human health and social work activities 5,370 12.6
R,S,T,U. Other 2,049 4.8



Recruitment in Stevenage

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