Hiring 101: Build and retain an all-star team

Recruit the right people and your organisation will thrive. It sounds simple. But … and it’s a significant but … recruiting in many sectors is increasingly difficult.

Competition in the UK talent market is fierce. Research indicates the biggest internal concern for CEOs in 2020 is attracting and retaining top talent.

Part of the issue is a rising skills shortage in key sectors. Plus, retaining millennial staff, who often move on more quickly than older colleagues, is a rising challenge. As Gallop reveals: 21% of USA millennials changed jobs in the past year and 36% admitted they plan to look elsewhere in the coming 12 months.

This creates a rapidly evolving talent pool, which is potentially good. But, once you’ve built a dream team, persuading ambitious millennials to stay, when job-hopping is the norm, requires pro-active action.

Estimates vary, but experts suggest replacing an employee, on an average UK salary, costs up to £12,000. A cost any organisation will want to minimise, but for small and medium businesses, potentially a sizable dent in profit margins.

As recruitment specialists, we’ve been thinking about how we can help. Could we share some tried-and-tested recruitment ideas, based on our experience? The answer is yes.

Our Hiring 101 webinar series offers simple, effective ideas for employers, HR professionals and hiring managers looking to improve their recruitment and retention process.

What employers tell us …

We talk to employers and hiring managers every day. From this, we know that three key recruitment challenges are experienced across the board. Luckily, overcoming them isn’t complicated.

1. I can’t reach or attract qualified candidates.
This is all about finding the right talent pool to fish in. Reaching good candidates can be a minefield; do you opt for general or specialist job boards? Or would events, search engines, social media or your own networks be more effective?

Do you need to tap into the passive talent pool? After all, 70% of the workforce are not actively seeking a change at any given time, but research tells us 90% of people are open to hearing about opportunities. Is your dream applicant hiding here?

You also need to begin the process with clarity. A clear, attractive job description, is vital. Beyond this, you must demonstrate what a great workplace you offer. It takes an appealing brand to bring talent to your door.

Our Hiring 101 webinars cover this crucial first stage and we even share a handy template job specification for you to adapt.

2. How do I spot the right applicants?
You’ve created and successfully advertised an attractive opportunity. Result! You have a bundle of great CVs. How do you narrow this down to the best shortlist?

With 74 % of managers admitting they’ve hired the wrong person in the past, the value of pre-screening candidates is something to seriously consider.

Our Hiring 101 series of webinars includes an introduction to pre-screening, in a way that ultimately saves you time (hurrah)! We also share our tips on common CV red flags and spotting hidden potential.

3. How do I secure the best person for the job?
With a super shortlist, the pressure is on to secure the right applicant. A few changes at this stage make all the difference.

IBM research tells us candidates are 38% more likely to accept a job offer, if they feel satisfied with their recruitment experience.

From leading the interview and giving a great impression of your organisation, to negotiating an attractive offer. When you find the one – all of these factors must align, otherwise you risk them getting away!

We’ve shared our top interview questions, plus advice on hosting professional, appealing interviews will help you breeze through this make or break stage.

Ta-dah! You’ve filled your vacancy

Although an accepted offer isn’t the end of the story …

Our Hiring 101 webinars also cover the vital steps that should follow every new appointment. A well-planned induction, how you introduce a new starter to your team, setting out initial expectations – all these relatively simple steps combine to make a huge difference.

We’ll explain why a little extra time spent supporting employees during these early weeks is a savvy long-term investment.

Ready to get started?

Whether you’re a CEO wearing a ‘hiring hat’, a HR professional or a manager expanding your team – our 101 tips will help you to plan and improve your hiring process.

Sign up for our webinar series and Emma Ellis will talk you through each step, as well as sharing her time-saving templates and resources.

Alternatively, Emma is happy to offer friendly advice on any recruitment challenges you may be experiencing. If you have a specific query, simply drop her a line at: 01462 510 148 or emma@ellismason.com

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