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The folllowing article was published on and talks about the support Stevenage businesses were offered ahead of re-opening…

A business training and support consultancy firm has been appointed to support some of Stevenage’s High Street businesses.

Stevenage Borough Council recently appointed Retail Revival Ltd, and a High Street Regeneration specialist to support a number of businesses in the town.

The projects are designed to build business resilience and help the High Street and commercial neighbourhoods to adapt to the economic impact of COVID-19.

The council secured funding from the Re-opening High Streets Safely Fund (RHSSF) to deliver additional business support and promote the High Street and commercial centres as a safe place to visit for staff, shoppers and residents, to give customers’ confidence to go back, feel safe and support the local economy.

SBC will also provide businesses with a specialised programme to enable them to use a wide array of tools and intelligence to promote their safe working practices, support their growth and survival plans, and enabling them to reopen and stay safe.

Sally Williams, managing director of Retail Revival: “We are delighted to be working with Stevenage businesses to help them re-open safely and maintain high standards of cleanliness and robust social distancing measures until the full vaccination programme has taken effect.

“We have great empathy for businesses that have been adversely affected by COVID-19. We have worked with many businesses to help them adapt to meet the current needs of shoppers and we are excited to share this best practice and provide Stevenage businesses with the skills and resources they need to recover quickly and build resilience for the future.

“I urge people to support their local businesses to boost the local economy and keep the fund in the town.”

Businesses across Stevenage are able to access free business advice and support services through the Business & Technology Centre on a wide range of subjects from finance to sales and marketing.

This service is available via live chat, in-person, telephone and email. For business advice, visit to live chat to an advisor.

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