Interview with Luke Mason of Ellis Mason Recruitment

We caught up with Luke, of Ellis Mason Recruitment, for a quick-fire interview. Checkout his responses here…

How did you get into the recruitment industry?

Years before setting up Ellis Mason, a few different contacts in the industry said to me I would suit recruitment which sparked an early interest. I have known Emma for around ten years as she used to recruit for me at my previous business and I loved her approach in working with me as a business owner. She took the time to listen to my needs, constructively took on board feedback and took the time to get to know my business, so I thought she would be a good person to learn from and build a new agency with. The hardest part was persuading her to give up a permanent role and make the jump!

What’s your favourite sector to work in?

Definitely senior level roles, I understand these positions well and the value they can have in a business. I get a lot of enjoyment in meeting with these candidates and understanding the challenges they face in their roles.

What’s your best tip for preparing for an interview?

Relax, smile and be yourself. I also advise some junior candidates that the interview is also an opportunity for them to assess whether the role is right for them and to ask questions about the job, the company and its culture. A lot of junior candidates feel that an interview is a one-way process, when in fact it should be a two-way process.

What’s your biggest challenge now in the recruitment industry?

A lack of quality candidates is the biggest challenge. Employment levels are at an all-time high, which is great for us as a Country, not so great if you need to recruit! There’s a lack of confidence in the market, you can see it in other sectors such as the property sector and this means that a vast number of candidates are staying with their current companies for job security. From a company point of view however, they are full steam ahead and recruiting.

What makes you most proud?

It’s incredibly tough and demanding setting up a business, especially with young children and to have achieved 100% growth in our second year and to now partner with some amazing businesses that trust us to fulfill their recruitment needs is what makes me smile most.

Who inspires you in business?

I find this a really hard question to answer as I am usually inspired by companies, more so than leaders. For e.g. I bought some garden turf from a small, local company last week and the customer service I received was superb. This inspires me! I never understand how companies or people can get customer service wrong – it doesn’t cost anything to go out of your way and try to help someone. Every time I receive a good service, it sticks with me and I feel inspired to make somebody else feel that way.

What do you order in the coffee shop?

Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows ? ( x 2 as this is also Emma’s favourite!)

Where do you want to travel to next?

I have a 3 year old daughter and another on the way, so holidays for me are now centered around them. As long as the weather is warm, there is a swimming pool and the kids are having fun, I’m happy.

What’s the future of Ellis Mason?

We’ve just invested heavily into a new website as our current one was very basic. Our new website will give us a better presence online, have more information to job seekers and clients with a new marketing campaign too, aside from that we are looking to continue building relationships with SME’s across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Cambridgeshire

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